Openfiler provides a simple way to deploy and manage networked storage.  Installing Openfiler results in a powerful networked storage solution that exports your data via a full suite of industry standard storage networking protocols. Openfiler lowers deployment and maintenance costs for networked storage without compromising functionality or performance.

Openfiler is a full-fledged NAS/SAN appliance (or IP storage gateway) that can be downloaded as a virtual appliance for VMware and Xen hypervisors directly from Openfiler offers storage administrators a set of powerful tools that are used to manage complex storage environments. The product brings reliability to storage with support for both software and hardware RAID, monitoring and alerting facilities, and volume snapshot and recovery features. High availability is included in the form of active/passive clustering, multipath I/O, and block level replication. Scalability is also addressed by a filesystem that can support up to 60TB, with the ability to expand filesystems and volumes without taking storage offline. High performance is guaranteed by a Linux 2.6 kernel that supports the latest CPU, networking, and storage hardware.

Configuring Openfiler can be rather complex, but there are plenty of resources available on the Web that cover the most typical installations. Openfiler is managed using a browser-based console, which offers dashboard-like simplicity and several submenus to address the more complex configuration settings available. When paired with VMware ESXi, Openfiler brings enterprise level storage capabilities — including iSCSI and other SAN and NAS services — to most any network, completely free of charge. Support plans and commercial add-ons are available at for those looking to add additional capabilities or receive professional technical support.

With a range of file-based and block-based storage export protocols, there is something in Openfiler for everyone. Openfiler provides both block-level and file-level storage networking capabilities. At the block-level, storage can be exported via:

  • iSCSI
  • Fibre Channel

At the file-level, Openfiler supports:

  • NFS
  • CIFS
  • FTP
  • rsync

Openfiler presents a unified storage export paradigm by supporting both block-level and file-level storage networking protocols. Storage may be allocated across any or all protocols simultaneously allowing data to be accessed from a heterogeneous base of network clients – be they Unix, Windows or Mac.

As the transition in horizontal scale-out of computing resources by taking advantage of Operating System virtualization technologies gathers pace, iSCSI target functionality in Openfiler stakes a claim in the sphere of compelling solutions to the problem of allocating and managing backend storage to complete the overall virtualization architecture. In Openfiler, iSCSI coupled with Openfiler’s powerful dynamic volume manager gives administrators a powerful and flexible storage networking solution that will scale in terms of performance, reliability and availability.

Openfiler SAN


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