This is the story of a team who was on-boarded on a project for building a platform. Discovery and Inception of the project was successfully completed. Product Managers had provided the requirements which Product Owner had broken into Epics. Business Analysts converted the Epics into Stories in Jira. Multiple Scrum teams where formed. Every Scrum team would have an Iteration Planning Meeting wherein they would zero down the scope for the Sprint. Engineers — Dev, QA, DevOps all started picking up Stories as the Sprint started progressing.

Before starting any Story, Dev, QA, UX Designer, and the Product Owner use to sit together. All 4 of them used to go through the description of the story in Jira to brainstorm and freeze the Acceptance criteria. During the kick off; Dev and QA would discuss and finalize on the test cases to be covered by the Dev in unit and integration tests and the ones QA would cover as a part of end-to-end tests. As the Dev would work on the Story, QA would create the test cases, data, environment, and automated test cases. Once the Dev was done with the story; Dev, QA, and BA would once again get together for Desk Check so as to make sure if everything was implemented as per the expectation. Test cases written by QA were executed during this ceremony itself for a faster feedback loop. If all the test cases passed, then Dev and QA would discuss the unit, integration and end-to-end tests. If any verification points were missed, then they were identified and added as suitable on the basis of Test Pyramid. end-to-end tests were integrated with Continuous integration pipelines and were executed regularly against the builds for faster feedback. end-to-end tests comprised of both API tests and UI tests.